Monday, May 7, 2018

What I’m Watching: Good Girls (Season Finale)

Good Girls: Season 1, Episode 10 “Remix” (B+)

It’s never great to have a show that hasn’t yet been renewed for another season end on such a cliffhanger, though I suppose there’s the appeal to continue the storyline if the powers that be really want to see where it would go. Our trio was just starting to develop a certain rhythm, executing their latest robbery with a whole lot of style, with Annie as the one in charge who had to open the safe and Beth and Ruby lying down on the floor as hostages when the police arrived so that they could smuggle the money out without a problem. I’m not sure what to make of Mary Pat learning Leslie’s true intentions and confronting him about trying to rape Annie since neither of them ever posed as great a threat as they should have given what they knew. Out of our three protagonists, Annie’s life is the most stable with Sadie happy at her private school and her inappropriate relationship with her ex continuing relatively harmlessly. Ruby got together the money she needed just in time, but almost worse than getting caught, Stan confronted her when he put it all together and essentially told her that this is what would finally make him leave. Dean found the dumbest way possible to get into a car accident and then as a result get his cancer lie exposed, but we didn’t even have the opportunity to see Beth’s reaction since Rio showed up daring her to shoot him with a bloody Dean sitting right next to him. The hope is that, should this show be renewed, which I hope it is, she’ll pull the trigger only to find that there are no bullets in it, proving to Rio that she’s serious and putting her forever in his debt. Let’s see if we get to that point - I’d love to see these characters again.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Christina Hendricks as Beth

Update 5/9: Yesterday, the show was officially picked up for a second season! Great news, and I look forward to seeing the show continue next year.

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