Monday, May 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 3, Episode 7 “Hold Onto Your Ovaries” (B+)

This is one of the shows that I watch each week with my wife, and she’s not at all happy with how things are progressing. I, for one, am relieved that this thruple is back together since it was difficult to see them apart, and I think that, complicated as their relationship may be and surely will continue to be, they’re good for each other. Leaving the party to go have sex is their go-to move, putting aside the real problems to indulge in each others’ bodies, something that may help in the short term but won’t resolve everything that’s sure to come up again. Emma revealing that she had already assigned certain baby tasks to the other two seemed like a bold statement given how newly reinvited to this party she is, and Izzy alleging that she doesn’t change diapers seemed like it can’t possibly hold up if she’s going to legitimately contribute to raising this child. The far more pressing issue is where they’re going to live, since Emma making more than four times what Jack made with her job in Seattle is the most compelling reason to relocate there, but the three of them have entirely different ideas of what they really want. At least Carmen and Dave seem to be doing okay for the moment, and Nina was even making some progress with Shaun. Leave it to Andy to choose that moment to show back up in her life.

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