Thursday, May 10, 2018

What I’m Watching: Lost in Space

Lost in Space: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Robinsons Were Here” (B+)

I guess it makes sense that there are a whole bunch of humans who crash-landed on this planet, and that they would have some way of communicating with each other as they try to figure out how to contact the Resolute. Maureen’s discovery of the downed satellite dish explains that, as we knew from the show’s title, they won’t be going anywhere soon since they have no way of beaming a signal back up to the home station. Victor, played by Raza Jaffrey from “Homeland” and “Smash,” clearly wasn’t any voting Robinson family member’s choice to represent the colony, and I can imagine that he and Maureen will butt heads going forward as he attempts to assert himself and call the shots. Maureen and John had a therapeutic conversation about their priorities prior to their departure from home, and I think it’s putting them on the right track. The kids had the opportunity to bond too, going on a grand adventure to relocate the robot and then getting back to the ship just in time to avoid suspicion. The clapping to make the flowers bloom and the amazing purple lights were nice touches along the way, as were the handprints below Penny’s signature. Dr. Smith is being very proactive in trying to neutralize the robot as a threat and make him an ally, though I’m not sure how that will end up working. We also have Don West, a man with his own aims who is now in close proximity to the Robinsons and represents the biggest danger of all to Dr. Smith.

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