Monday, May 14, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legion

Legion: Season 2, Episode 6 “Chapter 14” (B)

After the horrifying revelation about what happened in order to give Lenny her body back, I suppose this was the only way for David to be able to process it, experiencing multiple possible realities where his life took a very different course. Among the most compelling - and comprehensible - of the options was the one in which he worked as the coffee boy and managed to impress Molly Hagan’s Laura by helping her avoid a disastrous deal and then rising way up to the point that he was in charge. His ability to read minds presented very clearly, and he used it first as something that excited him and then as a weapon to yield against others, like Amy, who came asking for a new house because of her unfaithful husband. Seeing the other ways that things could have turned out, like David the homeless man wielding his powers in an uncontrolled and destructive way against the teams sent to apprehend him and Kerry chopping him apart, showed that what we saw, which was David being arrested when Amy was late to meet him and ensure that he was on his meds, was how things should have happened. Where we go from here isn’t clear at all, but David can now obviously appreciate just how vital Amy was in her selfless devotion to him, and he’s going to use her loss as a way to go after Farouk with a vengeance. I can’t imagine it will happen, but I’d love to see Katie Aselton earn an Emmy nomination after FX confirmed earlier this week that she’d been submitted in the guest actress category.

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