Sunday, May 6, 2018

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 4, Episode 9 “Mac-Liv-Moore” (B+)

Here was a great example of Liv being on an entertaining brain in a way that didn’t dominate the entire episode. Eating a rapper’s brain and dressing in all pink was fun, and I enjoyed her brief raps and the way in which she spoke to Major when he showed up. Otherwise, this was more of a serious installment dealing with Isobel and the fact that this extremely precocious girl who’s going to die soon has an oddly optimistic way of looking at the future. She wasn’t exactly subtle while she was hiding out in the morgue, with Ravi discovering her and then offering to scratch her if Liv didn’t want to. This doesn’t bring us any closer to figuring out why her scratching him didn’t work, but she does seem to want to stick around to be a test subject for research. As Blaine put Don-E on nerd hacker brain to set up his latest scheme, they made a killing by turning the well-known zombie mayor human, videotaping it, and then shooting him on camera to prove that their serum, now up for grabs for more than $10 million, was real. Chase ordering Major to scratch Sugar Cain showed how desperate Chase is to quell rebels even if he’s willing to break his own policy to make an example of them. On a far more entertaining note, Ravi having Major deliver a briefcase to the station with a crucial Dungeons and Dragons piece was almost as fantastic as the fact that Michelle likes the game and shared a very passionate kiss with Clive when they left the room for a moment.

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