Wednesday, May 30, 2018

What I’m Watching: Santa Clarita Diet (Season Finale)

Santa Clarita Diet: Season 2, Episode 10 “Halibut!” (B+)

Sheila and Joel, as usual, had it all figured out, but then a number of wrenches got thrown in their plan, with the zombie hunters identified at the end of the previous episode not even figuring it at all as obstacles. Having Gary call to leave a voicemail on Dan’s phone was derailed briefly by his joke-making, and I thought right away that they shouldn’t even leave deleted voicemails on a phone that they’re hoping to have the police discover. Fortunately, one of their missteps turned out to be in their favor, with the cheapest burner phones turning out to be too unsophisticated to have deleted voicemails kept. They bungled their way through the meeting with the intimidating Detective Bill Ramirez, played by Steve Harris from “The Practice,” and as long as Anne didn’t tell him about the bracelet she heard on the voicemail, they should be fine in that area. Anne going shopping through all the belongings they were trying to run away with but pretended to be donating was entertaining, though nothing compares to that final scene in which she was more than happy to shoot Sheila a few times and then - miraculously - saw Sheila as an instrument of God rather than a murderer she had to stop. The timing of the explosion in the distance as a sign was particularly fortuitous. Abby asking for Eric’s help with the explosives continued their familiar banter, and my favorite moment was their decision to kiss when they thought they might never see each other again. I loved this season, which was even better than the first, and I can’t wait for season there. All I ask is more Lisa - she needs to be utilized properly!

Season grade: A-
Season MVP: Timothy Olyphant as Joel

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