Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What I’m Watching: Lost in Space

Lost in Space: Season 1, Episode 5 “Transmission” (B+)

All of a sudden, we have tons of people on this planet hanging out right by the Robinsons’ ship, yet we still managed to get individual storylines for all our main characters. The most important interactions were those between Don West, Dr. Smith, and the Robinson family members who got more information about who the two of them are as a result. Don being mocked by Judy for being less than brave about his broken nose was by far the most entertaining part, and everything else just demonstrated how masterful and manipulative a liar Dr. Smith continues to be, especially when she gets backed into a corner. She dismissed Don’s accusations of stranding him and leaving him for dead, going so far as to claim to forgive him for not finding the meaningless treasure she sent him out to find. She also spun a story when confronted by Judy about what Don really did and then proactively got John distracted by spilling the beans about Will and the robot. Fortunately, the robot showed up just in time to stop that dinosaur creature, and Will was able to control it after his kill command nearly went too far and took out some of the innocent people from the colony. Maureen’s solo mission, which almost got her very injured, was commendable, and we’re now seeing just how far she’ll go to make sure that anyone she loves is protected, no matter the circumstances. The Resolute isn’t coming for them anytime soon, but at least Maureen is focusing on the right ideas.

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