Friday, May 4, 2018

What I’m Watching: Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete: Season 2, Episode 8 “Marius Josipovic” (B+)

What an incredible meal this episode offered, with Pete given the chance to see his family again after so many years while having to pretend that he was Marius who had heard so much about Pete’s family from his cellmate’s many stories. Pete got in a great dig at Marius by repeating his name and saying how he was a con man, the lowest of the low, and while it didn’t affect Marius in an emotional way, it does suggest that Pete isn’t going to be happy with any resolution of this situation. I’d be so curious to see how the family would react to the truth, especially since Maggie has been perpetuating his lie – though I suppose they don’t have any more reason to doubt Marius than they do Maggie. Luca made an impression on Audrey when she went to go visit the storage unit prisoner, and now Julia has gotten herself into real trouble with no clear way out. Colin has to deal, that’s evident, but Otto and Sam opted to let him live before, so I’m not sure why they would kill him now. I suspected that Marius had made a deal with the FBI, but he continues to insist that he hasn’t, and Luca being the distraction for them to get away with their scheme – which the FBI has seen being put together – doesn’t seem like a foolproof plan at all. With any luck, it will work out exactly as the takedown of Vince did in season one, getting rid of the problem and helping the good guys get away clean.

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