Monday, May 28, 2018

What I’m Watching: Roseanne (Season Finale)

Roseanne: Season 10, Episode 9 “Knee Deep” (B)

I think I would have expected a comedy like this to end its signature return run on a far more celebratory note than this one, but its characters were able to find a silver lining following an unpredictable and unstoppable event. The sight of Dan standing in the submerged basement didn’t leave much hope for their financial future, especially with Roseanne getting stuck on the toilet and in more pain each day. Chuck was pretty upset also with the notion that Dan was going to use other workers because he couldn’t afford him, but circumstances seem to have led to them making amends on Chuck’s highly demanding terms. Dan grabbing all of the sports trophies instead of the kids’ photos and birth certificates showcased the more humorous focus on the effects of the flood, something that should have devastated and impoverished the family if not for their successful chanting of “State of Emergency!” that suddenly turned their fortunes around completely. Their home may be ruined, but now they’ll have the funding they need to fix it and get plenty more work fixing other people’s homes at the same time. Roseanne and Jackie getting the doll that their mom treated like royalty but wouldn’t let them play with was mildly entertaining, and of course a minor repair meant that it was devalued from $5000 down to $100. Becky trying to teach Darlene how to make more tips was a tough job, and Darlene is only going to flirt and flounce in the way that she deems worthwhile, which really isn’t all that effective. I’ll probably continue watching this show in subsequent seasons if it attracts awards attention, and it’s enjoyable enough to merit a half-hour out of my week.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Sara Gilbert as Darlene

**Update as of 5/29 - apparently Roseanne Barr's latest tweet was enough to get ABC to cancel the show outright, meaning both that it won't be back again for subsequent seasons and also that it's highly unlikely it will earn any Emmy love this summer. An unexpected turn of events, to be sure!

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