Thursday, May 10, 2018

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 1, Episode 5 “I Have a Thing About Bathrooms” (B+)

This show is undeniably strange, but it still manages to make for very compelling television. Eve stopping the car after she drove away and then getting out to confront Villanelle was bold, and then she managed to learn a bit about her previous identity, Oxana. But she didn’t even get a chance to breathe before Villanelle stopped by, begging her to stop screaming so that they could just share a meal together. I like that Eve didn’t buy Villanelle’s fake sob story about being forced to kill and not wanting to hurt anyone, and Villanelle responded to Eve calling her Oxana in a mocking way that indicated that such knowledge wouldn’t actually help her. Villanelle casually walking out after Eve’s husband came in and thanking her for dinner demonstrates just how capable of deception and masking her emotions she is. Frank shared just a tiny bit of helpful information with the good guys before Villanelle tracked him down and sort of let him choose how he could die, which is that there is a group called The Twelve in power. Though Villanelle didn’t get that info from him, she obviously knows it, and Konstantin wasn’t too happy to hear her ask him which one of them he was. Mimicking her prison crime with Frank sent a message to Eve, one that should make her much more worried than she’s been, which is admittedly a lot. Carolyn seems calm in the face of all this, but Villanelle has been able thus far to do as she pleased, and a quick trip to Russia to off the still-living Nadia shouldn’t slow her down enough to let them get ahead.

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