Thursday, May 10, 2018

What I’m Watching: Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet: Season 2, Episode 7 “A Change of Heart” (A-)

This episode involved some very entertaining parenting debates that led to an unexpected and fantastic confrontation. It’s hard for Sheila and Joel to discipline Abby for smacking a bully in the face with a lunch tray when they kill people regularly, but it’s about the principles. Her unwillingness to apologize was matched by Christian being a jerk in his responses, and it was an amazing surprise to discover that Chris and Christa, the two rival realtors played by Joel McHale and Maggie Lawson, were his parents. Things escalated quickly and hilariously with vicious and profane insults hurled by both mothers, and fortunately a trip to Principal Novak’s house proved both therapeutic for the family dynamic and convenient since they convinced him not to expel Abby in exchange for not suing him for dismembering Sheila. Joel’s obsession with this juggling documentary helped to frame everything in manageable terms, and he resolved his piece by confessing the lies he told to Mark and helping Eric free himself, stopping short of giving him a well-deserved hug for finding the one-time clam supplier. Unfortunately, Sheila couldn’t contain her stress as well as she thought when Carl did show up, and the sight of her with blood all over her face and a human heart clutched in her hand where the stress ball used to be suggests that all the juggling and damage control they did has now been made irrelevant by the horrendous situation in which they now find themselves.

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