Saturday, June 5, 2021

What I’m Watching: Hacks

Hacks: Season 1, Episode 7 “Tunnel of Love” (B+)

It was jarring to see Ava wake up and start making out with a guy we know is dead, and then it got even wilder when she saw Deborah there and started passionately kissing her instead. Naturally, she would let that get in her head and give her something to obsess over, especially when Deborah complimented her and she struggled to come up with a fitting response. I enjoyed the fact that Ava thought makeup didn’t have rules, a statement Kiki said was completely not true, and that Kiki was the less-than-helpful sounding board throughout the night. DJ’s party included plenty of awkwardness but not quite as much as I would have expected, though things took a dive when Deborah ended her surprisingly sweet and supportive toast with the insistence on a prenup. DJ’s refusal to get one seemed aimed mostly at angering her mother, but it was touching to see that unwilling chauffeur Ava still knew that Deborah would want to be present, even if only through a phone, to witness her daughter’s wedding. The rivalry between Damien and Josefina was very entertaining, particularly when they opted to team up and take down their most annoying guest together, and I also liked seeing how Marcus and Wilson got to know each other now that they’re beginning to date. Marty and Deborah’s relationship is one of the most interesting parts of this show, and there are so many layers to it that here found themselves being exactly the right support they both needed.

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