Tuesday, June 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: The Kominsky Method (Series Finale)

The Kominsky Method: Season 3, Episode 6 “Chapter 22. The fundamental things apply”

This show has had a perfectly decent run, but over the course of three seasons, it’s produced only twenty-two episodes, which most half-hour comedy series traditionally made in just one season. But I think that this was a great and fitting way to wrap things up, and while I would have happily watched much more of it, this will do just fine. I didn’t mind the time-jumping that occurred over the course of this finale which wasn’t super-sized but did a fine job of bringing its plotlines to a close. Estelle’s apology to Mindy didn’t go over very well at all since it was mainly about how the younger generation needed to be able to take humor better, and, despite Roz’s thinly-veiled messages during the wedding, Estelle did end up sticking around to make Mindy miserable after they got married. The ceremony was sweet, and I enjoyed Martin poking fun at how Mindy first introduced herself by telling him that he looked like a Pez dispenser. This is definitely an Emmy-worthy episode for Kathleen Turner, and my favorite line was her hope to be “drunk enough to vomit all over his mother.” Seeing how close they got as her health declined was heartwarming, and it’s nice to see that Sandy managed to repair some of the relationships in his life. Robbie hiring a hitman to kill Martin but paying the wrong guy was pretty hilarious, and I enjoyed his subplot with Phoebe this season. What I appreciated most was the very sentimental ending, with Sandy appropriately winning an Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series and getting to acknowledge Norman, Roz, Mindy, and his students before sharing his excitement with fellow winner Margaret. I like that it wasn’t him winning an Oscar but instead something arguably much less significant that was still a formidable recognition of his accomplishment at such an age. I was worried that Alan Arkin’s departure would make this season weaker, but it’s been a great goodbye.

Series finale: B+
Series grade: B+
Season MVP: Michael Douglas
Season grade: B+
Series MVP: Alan Arkin
Best Season: Season 1
Best Episode: “Chapter 1: An Actor Avoids

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