Thursday, July 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 3, Episode 6 “Five!” (C+)

This show is rapidly losing me, but there are only four episodes left in this season so I feel like I shouldn’t abandon it even though I’m seriously considering it. This installment traded Blair’s spiraling paranoia for the creation of a situation in which all of the main characters, plus Yassir and the long-absent Wayne, who have never been as prominent as the rest of the ensemble, were put together in one place so they could all eagerly confess to the many crimes they had committed. Unfortunately, it’s not as if the agents listening in actually cared what they were saying, and it was all a ruse organized by Blair so that he could figure out who it was that framed him. I did enjoy seeing Rory Scovel as Agent Crandall, an actor I’ve been watching regularly on “Physical” in a very different role, but he didn’t have all that much to do. There was plenty of baggage to be unpacked, and naturally the revelation of Mo’s true intentions with Dawn did not go over well, especially since they came after he found out that he had been purposely lied to and excluded from Nomi’s big moment. Most importantly, we still don’t have more information about who tried to kill Blair, and instead we got another dead body that exploded rather gruesomely just after Wayne offered to give everyone a ride home in the limo he happened to have. That’s a mess that won’t be easy to clean up, both literally and figuratively for the show.

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