Thursday, July 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 6, Episode 8 “Stressed Western” (B)

Sara’s first mission back with the team wasn’t going to go off without a hitch, but all in all, it wasn’t that bad. It took her mere moments to confess the state of her new existence to Ava, who was understandably thrown off but not unhappy to be reunited with her love in whatever form she now had. Her thirst for milkshakes was one indication that she wasn’t the same Sara she used to be, but being able to take a bullet to the head and heal instantly was a neat trick that’s sure to come in handy time and time again, even if it’s not too pleasant for Ava and the legends to watch. Challenging the sheriff to a duel to get the whistle was a bold move, and one that almost paid off until the rest of the townspeople, including Behrad’s crush Irma, played by AnnaLynne McCord from “90210,” turned on them also so that they could keep the worm for themselves. I was curious why everyone was being so nice, playing Go Fish and serving root beer rather than the typical activities you might find happening in an old-fashioned western saloon. I enjoyed the songs that were played to narrate the activity, and also that Nate had an opportunity to vent his frustrations when he knew it wouldn’t matter since everyone else was already angry. Behrad giving him a totem so that he could go visit his Zari was sweet, and hopefully we’ll get to see more of her again soon. I’m glad that Astra and Spooner managed to bond over raw talent, and it will be interesting to see them team up again in the future.

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