Sunday, July 4, 2021

What I’m Watching: Intelligence

Intelligence: Season 2, Episode 3 (B+)

This episode brought with it a few fun surprises, ones that I didn’t expect and helped me to reshape my idea of some of the characters, which is always nice in a usually silly comedy like this. Joseph getting a date in the first place was big news, but of course I had a feeling that it was going to turn out to be someone using him. Jerry was not at all subtle in his efforts to use Joseph as a device to achieve his own aims and bolster his own reputation, and Joseph didn’t seem at all aware of that until the very moment that Jerry confessed his entire plan into his earpiece. The run-up to that, with Joseph doing poorly pretending he wasn’t wearing the earpiece in Christine’s office, asking for information about where sexual organs are located, and ordering items he was allergic to off the menu, was very awkward. But then Joseph was honest with Charlotte and she was receptive to him, which was great to see. The other big reveal was that Uma was there to meet Christine, who had just lectured Joseph about his last chance but was in fact dating a coworker against her own strict regulations. Uma was definitely confused because Joseph and Charlotte had pretended to be brother and sister, but I don’t think she’ll be talking too much about it given the illicit nature of her own rendezvous. I like when Christine is given human traits that make her more relatable, and I’ll be eager to see more of this hidden and rebellious side of her life.

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