Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Round Two: Pam and Tommy

Pam and Tommy: Season 1, Episode 2 “I Love You, Tommy” (B+)

Because I don’t know all that much about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, I’d rather watch this show play out and then go ahead to figure out what was actually true and what’s merely conjecture or pure invention. Its exaggerated nature became abundantly clear in this episode when, after the happy couple showed their private parts to each other, Tommy got up in the morning to have a conversation with his moving penis, telling it that he was in love. That was an absurd scene, one indicative of the excess of these characters and their extremely impulsive decisions. Pamela’s declaration that she wanted someone boring shouldn’t have been followed up by sending shots around to the whole club, since Tommy would never have seen her and then come over to lick her face, something she opted to pass on. Tracking her down to Cancun and then calling every hotel to find her was a bold and truly stalker-ish move, and seeing his “boys” told to leave the bar because they didn’t meet the dress code demonstrated how little he cares for authority or rules. The flight home revealed that they didn’t actually know much about each other, but after a rough start with the movie preferences, they bonded over French fries. Not having a clue whose house they were going to live in – or even where the other lived – was a red flag, but they settled on Malibu quickly, bringing us up to speed with meeting Rand and Lonnie and that unfortunate video camera. Now that at least we know both our protagonists, it’s time to get back to that video going public.

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