Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Take Three: Pam and Tommy

Pam and Tommy: Season 1, Episode 3 “Jane Fonda” (B+)

After the deep dive into Pam and Tommy first getting together, we’re back at the point where we stopped at the end of episode one. I like that this show is now tracing both the efforts of Rand and Miltie to distribute the tape and Pam’s career development. I do wonder whether anyone other than Seth Rogen could have played Rand or if he’s shaping the character based on his comedic persona, but I enjoy the confidence with which he says “compentory damages” and finding out about his relationship with Erica was very enlightening. I like Taylor Schilling and have appreciated the roles she’s taken on following the gradual de-prioritization of her role on “Orange is the New Black.” The lengths he went to in order to find the plumbing tool she needed so that he could “propose” to her were impressive, and it of course helped him with the best idea of all: distributing the sex tape on the Internet. Miltie’s lack of comprehension of how the World Wide Web worked was the least of their problems, and he was quite ambitious in his funding aims, including enlisting a mob contact who might be able to fund them. It’s difficult to watch as Tommy’s horrific treatment of his contractors is going to affect Pam, since she’s been fighting so hard to get taken seriously at work and is also entering a happy phase of her life with a baby on the way. The rate of duplication of those tapes means this is about to blow up, and she has absolutely no idea it’s coming.

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