Friday, February 11, 2022

Round Two: Suspicion

Suspicion: Season 1, Episode 2 “Room for Doubt” (B+)

This episode delivered plenty of intensity and raised many questions without really answering them, as all three of the surprise suspects continue to maintain their innocence. It is interesting to note the slight differences in behavior that they are exhibiting, like Aadesh’s lawyer-innocence “no comment” that turned into rage when he just couldn’t take not being able to deny the accusations levied against him, Natalie’s consistent anger at no care begin given to the fact that she was arrested during her wedding, and Tara seeming less upset than any of them but plainly rejecting everything that was being posited. We do know for sure that all three of them were in New York at the time of the abduction, which for some reason couldn’t be termed a kidnapping yet because there were no ransom demands, but that’s all changed now with the hacked feed that interrupted the final moments of this episode. If it wasn’t already readily apparent, Sean is a terrible person, though that theoretically means that whoever helped him and is pretending to be good is even worse. He may be nice to his grandfather, trying to get him to eat food even if he doesn’t use lights or heat, but that’s about it, and he’s only interested otherwise in his own survival. I am eager to see what each of these newly-released suspects does now, and I think that Natalie will be the only one warmly welcomed home, with her sister already in the process of helping her to clean up whatever could make her look guilty.

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