Saturday, February 12, 2022

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 6, Episode 3 “STD” (B+)

This show has featured so many scenery-chewing guest stars over the course of its run that I didn’t know who could be the mystery player making the same gambit as him. I wouldn’t have suspected that it would be Todd Krakow, but I was very excited to see actor Danny Strong again after having the chance to interview him for his behind-the-scenes role on “Dopesick.” After initially trying to stand tall and make Prince bow to him, he eventually opted to team up on more equal footing, and it wasn’t too difficult to get Bud Lazzara on board after Chuck screwed him over. But Chuck, who had no idea that Prince was even involved when Todd came to him, isn’t about to let anyone do something like this if he’s not involved, and walking from car to car with a megaphone to disrupt Prince’s big announcement was a very loud and obnoxious message. I had expected that Mafee might just be planting an idea as a means of trickery so that Prince would do the wrong thing, but this was completely genuine and he and Dollar Bill were nearly ruined. But despite Mafee being furious at Taylor for assuming their friendship wouldn’t be impacted by their betrayal, the lesson here was a positive one, showing that Prince and his people are in fact loyal and helpful, stepping in to save them from disaster. That’s far more magnanimous than things were under Axe, and we’ll see how long it lasts. Even Scooter and Wags are teaming up, if only so that they’re on what’s close to the same level. On the guest star front, we got Campbell Scott in a very buttoned-up role as Olympics guru Colin Drache, who seems very powerful and perfectly ready to toss aside anyone who doesn’t serve him.

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