Wednesday, February 9, 2022

What I’m Watching: How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father: Season 1, Episode 4 “Dirrty Thirty” (B+)

The way in which Sophie has makeshift fixes for her New York City apartment and her heating pipes is reminiscent of the original series, with relatively comfortable and large accommodations for these city dwellers who somehow have enough money to afford them. But Sophie would freely admit that she doesn’t her life together in nearly the same way that Drew does, and therefore she went to extraordinary lengths to make herself seem more serious after Drew ordered wine and did other fancy things on their date. The bookshelf she had stocked and the appetizers she made were overenthusiastic and didn’t work all that well, but it all led to good things when Drew burnt himself and they realized that they might actually have more in common when they’re being themselves than when they’re pretending to be other people. Valentina and Charlie’s unstable relationship took another disconcerting turn when Valentina expressed that she didn’t want to be official and Charlie took a big step based on that information, but fortunately they found something very attractive in leading other people on, which was good for them and not so good for all the people they used as part of their game. I like the way that Jesse and Ellen are starting to get closer, and I really do hope to see more of Ellen as her own person, not always hanging out with the group but instead charting her own course, even if that means making a fool of herself as Charlie’s roommate and fellow New York City newbie.

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