Wednesday, February 9, 2022

What I’m Watching: Superman and Lois

Superman and Lois: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Inverse Method” (B+)

This was not a particularly promising episode on any front. The only good thing to happen was that Sam was able to instantly alter the security camera footage when Jordan used his ice breath to stop a few would-be thieves from stealing alcohol from the convenience store. Training together should be a good next step, even though I thought Dylan Walsh was leaving the show since Sam was no longer in charge of the DOD. Otherwise, things were rather bleak, including the performance of Lieutenant Anderson’s team against the mine Superman when he showed up too late. John is also trying to be a hero even though he doesn’t have powers, and using his hammer while he wasn’t wearing the suit was probably not a good idea. I was hopeful that Jonathan would have taken the drugs and given them to either his father or his grandfather, but instead he’s using them so that he can impress his girlfriend and his teammates. Hopefully Natalie will continue paying attention and encourage him to stop, but her attention is likely to be focused on her father in the near future. Now that we’ve seen her, it appears that Lucy is played by Jenna Dewan, who portrayed the character way back in season one of “Supergirl.” The fact that she recorded Lois so that her entire cult and Chrissy could see was not good, and I sincerely hope that Chrissy is just digging further into her story rather than doubting Lois’ credibility and being swayed by the cult herself. Kyle going to see a woman who may have been his mistress is troubling, and all the stress of the smear campaign could lead to an unfortunate regression on his part.

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