Wednesday, February 9, 2022

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 6, Episode 5 “Heart and Soul” (B+)

This was an episode about moving on and accepting new realities, which are understandably not easy. The young Kate’s reaction to Rebecca going on a date with Matt after had a rough time at the speed dating event was particularly harsh, and seeing how far they’ve come to the point where Kate had to tell her mother that she couldn’t be alone with the kids anymore was very moving. Having her teach baby Jack piano with braille was a nice way to keep her involved that was safe and responsible. Toby was still there on the phone but not in person, and it doesn’t yet seem that they’re having serious issues, which makes me think that we may not actually see their breakup happen and just skip ahead to her next marriage. Kevin could have had a hookup with Cassidy but wanted it to be something more, and she delivered a rather scathing takedown of his many failed romances. Calling Elijah to give him helpful advice about Madison was a sweet and very selfless show of maturity. Randall and Beth’s worst case scenario game was entertaining, but unfortunately it was a solid predictor of the real thing, which did not go well after Malik’s masterful cooking and Tess and Annie’s distraction tactics. Malik telling Randall that he wouldn’t tell Déjà about their conversation was an intense and emphatic end, and it doesn’t look like the relationship between this daughter and her adoptive parents is going to be great for the foreseeable future.

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