Thursday, February 10, 2022

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7, Episode 11 “Rage Against the Machines” (B+)

Well, it looks like that’s the last we’ll see of the robo-legends, but they may just have taken out our living, breathing Gideon just after she called Astra mom. Getting felled by the robo-Astra was a particularly cruel fate, but it’s likely that she’ll be back in some form or another, even if it’s not corporeal. Having Behrad pose as the robot version of himself wasn’t terribly convincing, but he was able to use his enthusiasm for elixirs very well and get both Astra and Ava to run immediately for the bathroom, where they were promptly escorted directly out the door to a literal hell. Zari fighting her robot self was entertaining too, and she smartly knew to unplug evil Gideon rather than talk to her, though that did make the ship start plummeting to the ground. Gideon instructing Sara and Nate to take out their CPUs was smart, and Nate tricking his robot self into volunteering to monitor the fixed point so that Sara wouldn’t have to was particularly clever. Now that this particular plotline has been wrapped up, it’s the perfect time for this show to go on hiatus for a few weeks. I enjoyed this and the time that they spent back in the past making do without the Wave Rider, and I hope that whatever comes next will be equally creative and entertaining. I do also wonder whether Thawne’s death at the hands of robo-Sara means that we’ll really never see him again, which would be a shame but understandable given Matt Letscher’s likely desire to move on to other roles.

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