Friday, February 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: United States of Al

United States of Al: Season 2, Episode 13 “Hunt / Shikar” (B+)

I like when Hazel gets a chance to be in the spotlight, and opening with her “pre-gaming” for dinner was an entertaining start. Riley was understandably upset that Freddy had taught her how to ride a bike, though Freddy wasn’t too happy with the idea of murdering fish with explosives that Riley started talking about when he decided to take her hunting. That didn’t go well but she was a very natural driver, which of course led to them getting pulled over right away. Asking the police officer is she should follow was pretty funny. Vanessa coming to bail Riley out may have been one of the first times that she wasn’t mad at him even though he was in trouble, and that she saw how they had to work on their coparenting so that they didn’t feel like they were missing out. Al got predictably way too into spinning and competing with Dirk because he thought that Ariana was into him, and of course they ended up continuing past the point of both Ariana and Lizzie stopping because they couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s good that Ariana and Lizzie are going to spend more time together, at least, but Al really did miss an opportunity as Lizzie tried to point out to him when he could have left Dirk there to spin on his own. I love that Art’s secret activity is painting over graffiti, fighting his nemesis Fishstick, and that Lois enjoyed coming out with him even if she wasn’t on board with the way he liked to do all of it.

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