Friday, March 4, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 2, Episode 14 “Escape from Earth-2” (B+)

In the end, it didn’t take much for Barry to be able to fulfill the act described in this episode’s title, but plenty happened along the way as he made his triumphant return with both Wells and his daughter. After a slow start, Jay did a great job acting as the Flash and working with Caitlin and Iris to stop Geomancer from taking advantage of the real Flash’s absence. That makes it all the more heartbreaking that, after Barry managed to get to the portal just in time, Zoom reached through and seemingly killed Jay before ripping him back to Earth-Two. The other big mystery is who the man in the mask who kept tapping was, especially since he tapped Jay’s name. The two major theories I have are that the man in the mask is Jay, possibly transported back in time for a lifetime of imprisonment from the moment we saw at the end of this episode or some point after, or that Zoom himself is actually Zoom. I’m sure we’ll find out soon, though it’s not clear what this show’s relationship to Earth-Two will be now that there’s no easy way to return there. What that does mean is that both Harry and Jesse are now going to be permanent residents of Earth-One, which should be exciting. Let’s hope that Jesse’s intelligence and spunk leads to her being just as great and complicated a character as her father in two worlds. Maybe she’ll even end up being a romantic interest for one of our main players.

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