Saturday, March 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 5, Episode 7 “Wig” (B-)

This show is doing its best to incorporate Reagan into its universe, making her the main focus of not one but both plotlines that dominate this episode. It’s been clear from the start that Nick would be hopelessly attracted to Reagan, a woman he rightfully believes to be out of his league, and that fact would permeate his every thought and not allow him to do much of anything else. That was absolutely the case in this installment, as Schmidt and Cece had to concoct an absurd lie about her wearing a wig to get into his head so that he would no longer find her attractive. Going through all of her things when Cece started to doubt her authenticity was a brash move, and of course it backfired when her many fake IDs turned out to simply be part of her trade, enabling her to gain access to places that might otherwise turn her away due to her line of business. It also happened at just the right moment when her furious girlfriend showed up after Winston tried to dump her. I was surprised but pleased to see Clea Duvall, an actress usually seen in dramatic fare such as “Carnivale” or “Identity,” as Camilla, the one who wouldn’t get away who ended up completely trashing everything Reagan owned as choreographed and predicted by Winston, who has apparently been broken up with over forty times. He doesn’t have many badges of honor to claim, but this is one area in which he can beat just about anyone else

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