Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Round Two: Solos

Solos: Season 1, Episode 2 “Tom” (B)

I’m still not sure at all what to make of this show, but it is definitely intriguing and features a formidable opportunity for all of its actors to hone their monologue talents while in dialogue with themselves. Anthony Mackie is an actor I first remember seeing in “The Hurt Locker,” and his profile has risen considerably since then. He was also good in “The Banker,” an underappreciated film from Apple TV Plus last year that had a muted release due to controversy with the family of the real-life figure he portrayed. But most know him, of course, as Sam Wilson, or the Falcon, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his recently-wrapped Disney Plus series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.” As Tom, he did a marvelous job of creating two different characters, one who was able to recognize his flaws and another who was able to recount his personality traits but not comprehend how it was that they affected other people. As he continued to open up and gradually started to cry, it became even more compelling, and a large part of that is because Mackie is a skilled actor who often seems energetic and casual but is capable of revealing deeper layers to the characters he portrays. Understanding the specifics of the arrangement he made with his condition and the money almost isn’t important since he’s there in that moment with no other choice and facing a future that he knows that he, in some way, won’t be a part of, and in another way that he absolutely well. I’m still interested and will be back for episode three.

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