Tuesday, June 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: Trying

Trying: Season 2, Episode 3 “Big Heads” (B+)

This show always launches its drama with a bit of comedy, like Jason getting a text from his mom that “Gran is a dude” before she managed to turn off the autocorrect and clarify that she was dead. There wasn’t much sentiment for the woman who was no longer among the living, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t grief and awkwardness to be found in that house. Nikki’s bubbliness – and her milk mustache from her ice cream – weren’t all too welcome, but she isn’t one to just be ignored and let things happen if she doesn’t think they’re happening in the right way. Taking out her frustration with Princess and her brother having to be separated on the shed was a helpful way for everyone to be able to open up and vent their anger through some physical smashing of an unnecessary structure. On a lighter note, it was very entertaining to see Jason work up stories in his mind about how he might be the father to his ex-girlfriend’s son with a very big head, a possibility that was quickly put to rest when she revealed that she cheated on him very often. Nikki scratching out Sky’s initials and carving her own in was a nice way to bid farewell to this little vacation. Back at home, Karen does not seem to be happy with Scott, and the mutual interest she and a student’s father are expressing in each other is likely to derail that impending wedding, which may ultimately be the best thing if they’re not meant to be together.

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