Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 5 “Eladio – Week 2” (B)

After three episodes of seeing Brooke interact with people in person, it’s a bit lackluster to see a return to Zoom screens, something that does in reality constitute a good deal of the therapy going on in the world right now. I found myself distracted by the contraption Brooke had set up for her computer that I wanted to research and the excessive amount of headroom present on both of their screens. Eladio talking to her from his bed was also an indicator of what tends to happen with a lack of separation between personal and professional space, something that we’ve already seen become an issue for Brooke with the sessions that happen in her home. Eladio is smart and knows what he thinks Brooke wants to accomplish, and she really doesn’t have to say much for him to open up and explain what it is that he thinks she wants him to say. His connection to a man he admits he would hate if he wasn’t in a wheelchair is most interesting, and the way in which he reacted to her realizing that they had gone over and wanting to check in with him later about his emotional state was also stark and telling. After meeting Adam at the end of the previous episode, we saw him again at the start here, briefly addressing Brooke’s status as an addict when he presented himself as supportive of whatever she needed rather than discouraging of bad habits and other problematic behavior.

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