Thursday, June 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 6 “Colin – Week 2” (B+)

There’s a very interesting power dynamic occurring here between Brooke and Colin, with the therapist offering up a few opportunities to cede control, perhaps unwillingly but I suspect purposely. The back pain that she experienced which required her to switch sweats with Colin may have indeed just been something that hasn’t happened in the past and is all the more inconvenient in her makeshift home office, but it did enable Colin to open up much more and to feel as if he was suddenly compelled to make more decisive statements in the seat that was slightly higher than the one he had just been in moments earlier. As they dug into his time in prison, he repeated a number of the same kind of statements that he made in their first session, representing himself as the ultimate charitable white man who doesn’t like being accused of not being a good enough person because of societal realizations about systemic issues that he naturally contributes to, regardless of his philanthropic actions. Brooke is selective and deliberate about which issues she chooses to challenges him on since he gets very defensive, and she made a choice not to press him too far on the female journalist who got him so upset with what she wrote about him. If Brooke has boundary issues with Eladio, she has them with Colin too, but of a different sort. I knew to expect great things from John Benjamin Hickey, and I haven’t been disappointed yet since it’s as if he was made for this part.

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