Thursday, June 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Pose (Penultimate Episode)

Pose: Season 3, Episode 6 “Something Old, Something New” (B+)

This was a wonderful episode, one that drafted a happy ending for so many of the characters at least in its portrayal of this uplifting chapter of their lives that enabled them to stop and truly appreciate the value of the friendships that they have formed that much more closely resemble family. I’m glad that Angel was able to come around to Papi having a child and to be so visibly touched by the way he was educating Beto about moving through the world as a man. Getting the marriage license without any trouble was a relief given the nightmares that Angel was having and the very real possibility that it could be denied, and seeing how Angel’s father, played by David Zayas from “Dexter,” acknowledged her existence in a positive way but refused to affirm her transition, was informative about who she is and how she receives love from others. It’s hard to decide which was more heartwarming, Papi praising all of his gay groomsmen for being so strong or Angel getting the typical gifts from her very lovely bridesmaids. Cubby and Candy showing up for Papi and Angel to properly appreciate what they had and make peace with their absence was also very moving. The sight of all of those women in the wedding dresses was really fantastic, and the whole ceremony was absolutely wonderful. Papi singing and everyone in the crowd reacting was a tremendous highlight. Pray losing his eyesight will likely be the focus of a finale that I have no doubt will be incredibly emotional.

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