Thursday, June 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Mare of Easttown (Series Finale)

Mare of Easttown: Season 1, Episode 7 “Sacrament” (B+)

It seemed a bit too easy for everything to get sewn up so neatly early on in this episode, with Mare able to successfully bring John and Billy in after the photo Jess showed Chief Carter confirmed that John was indeed sleeping with Erin and was the true father of her baby. The interconnected nature of this town makes things exponentially more complicated, but it also brought with it positive developments, like an unexpectedly bright future for Katie and a reconciliation between her mother and Mare. Frank and Mare were also in a much better place, able to get along well enough that Mare could attend his second wedding with a date of her own, the affable and no-longer-suspicious Richard. Carrie owned up to the fact that she was back on drugs and wouldn’t be able to take care of Dylan, and the way in which Mare responded to her indicated that, perhaps in the future there might be a chance for them to build a relationship once she managed to get and stay clean. And then, of course, we got the devastating twist that, thanks to a claim Glen made that Mare initially wanted to dismiss, it was Ryan and not his father who actually killed Erin, and Lori knew about it and covered it up. I’m glad that this show didn’t underuse Julianne Nicholson, saving her formidable talent for this final episode, and I do hope that she’ll earn her first-ever Emmy nomination for this performance. Having Deacon Mark deliver a sermon acknowledging people’s likely discomfort with him being reinstated was an emphatic representation of the impossibly complex nature of the characters on this show. Ultimately, I think it was strong, and though it wasn’t my number one limited series of the season, I’ll be happy to see it collect a handful of prizes.

Series grade: B+
Series MVP: Evan Peters as Colin Zabel

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