Thursday, June 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Black Monday

Black Monday: Season 3, Episode 2 “Nine!” (B)

I love the rhythm of the dialogue on this show, particularly between Don Cheadle and Regina Hall. Mo’s continued attempts to go back to a picnic and propose were repeatedly thwarted by the clueless Dawn, who interrupted his suggestion that they were destined to be a couple, forcing him to correct it to a “couple of friends.” In a way, he’s being more honest and selfless than he’s ever been, but he’s also just up to his latest scheme, which in this case happens to be noble in nature since he wants to genuinely win her over. Keith was not at all subtle when it came to gloating about his newfound position of power in Tiff’s company, and that was not received well by anyone, especially given the bad timing of Blair being shot. I wasn’t sure why it was that Blair was suddenly able to travel back to any moment in history with Roger there as his tour guide, but this show has never been all that grounded in reality. His determination to be a better person and resign from his position was short-lived when the Republicans showed up with the promise of money, sex, and power. The arguments for no gun control were absolutely ludicrous but an unfortunately perfect send-up of what some people really think. I recognized Thomas Barbusca from “Chad” and “The Mick” as Werner, the seemingly youngest of the Republicans who were very happy to find just the right person to champion their soulless cause.

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