Friday, June 4, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 7 “Laila – Week 2” (B+)

It seems that Brooke isn’t great at setting boundaries with any of her patients, though this one isn’t exactly her fault. Having her reputation be part of some public record is unfortunate, and Brooke leaned right into it and didn’t try to avoid the situation at well. Being so open and honest with Laila is probably a good strategy, though I saw the look on her face when she heard that Brooke got pregnant at age fifteen, almost doubting whether that claim was true and if she was just saying it so that she could just serve as a cautionary tale. Laila, with her impressive knowledge of word roots in Latin, is doing a remarkable job of being evasive, redirecting the conversation every time Brooke comes back to the concerning fact that Laila is eighteen and the person she’s in love with is fifteen, which, in addition to being potentially illegal, is also of note because they’re in such different stages of life. Bringing up the rapport that she has with her grandmother was just as important since it’s the very reason that Laila finds herself in therapy, something she’d like to pretend is just an opportunity to gain more followers on her social media channels by livestreaming from outside her house but is clearly a way for her to get to talk openly and bluntly about what it is that she feels. Having more sessions to return to all of this is helpful since Laila will inevitably dwell on what she’s heard over the course of the time between this and her next session, and return with a new and surely just as combative attitude.

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