Friday, June 4, 2021

What I’m Watching: In Treatment

In Treatment: Season 4, Episode 8 “Brooke – Week 2” (B+)

I’m wondering whether Gabriel Byrne is indeed going to return to play Paul again since he’s being mentioned so frequently and is directly calling Brooke, but that wouldn’t be all that crazy given that he’s likely still available and wouldn’t have had any reason not to want to be involved in this series continuation (not that I know his schedule or priorities, of course). Brooke doesn’t need to see her own therapist given the way that she lets things that come up in the sessions that she’s facilitating with her patients spill over into her personal life, and Rita is more than capable of pushing her to open up and deal with what’s actually going on. Brooke is just as combative as her patients, fighting every notion brought up by Rita and pushing back against the idea of being pigeonholed into any particular category. Revealing to Laila the fact that she had a baby at age fifteen that she was forced to give up has clearly stuck with her, and now she seems ready to contact her son after years of not knowing anything about him. The relationship that she had with her late father is particularly interesting, and she’s expressing such resentment towards him as she discovers more about what he knew that he didn’t share with her. I also find it fascinating how little we’ve seen of Adam and how much his reputation, particularly as perceived by Rita, has dominated their conversations and the influence he apparently has on Brooke’s behavior.

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