Saturday, February 5, 2022

What I’m Watching: Pivoting

Pivoting: Season 1, Episode 4 “Hell on Wheels” (B+)

It didn’t seem like a great idea to go to the skate rink to check out Sarah’s potential match before initiating any sort of conversation online, and for Sarah to be there at all instead of just Jodie, Amy, and their kids. Seema actually did appear to be a great match as soon as they started talking, but things quickly fell apart when she couldn’t resist making a medical comment that got interpreted by Seema as a dig at how she didn’t have a fancier career. Sarah only made it worse when Seema tried to give her the wrong shoes, making for quite an awkward exit. Amy’s attempt to help her son become more social and get more friends didn’t work all that well, and she ended up getting accosted by another mother who didn’t like the fact that Amy had dared to confront her daughter about being mean to him. After Jodie was nearly distracted from enjoying the serenity of skating by her hapless husband who didn’t have any clue how to prepare dinner, she stepped in to save the day and accidentally start a conga line when Amy was in trouble. She was evidently thrown enough by Matt calling her that she locked her daughter outside the house and threw an entire box of popsicles at her, and now they’ve gone from out-of-office business advice to something far more scandalous. I don’t think I expected them to actually start having an affair, but at least they’re working fitness goals into their illicit relationship.

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