Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Round Two: Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Folo” (B-)

I’m trying to give this show a chance, and while this second round didn’t do much for me, I think I’ll try one more episode. We see the seeds of change starting to grow in this episode, with the ladies of the office beginning to think about how they can be taken more seriously. As Patti and Cindy embrace the opportunity to think of themselves differently, Jane feels like much more of a product of the times, chastising Gabe for wasting his time doing research instead of delegating it to a woman whose job it should be to do all his hard work. She was also horrified by the openly sexual conversation that they were having, and wanted no part in such explicit talk. Gabe doesn’t have much of a personality, and he was more than happy to be swayed into asking a potential new hire what her waist size was before being totally speechless when she arrived at the office and turned out to be black. Joy Bryant’s Eleanor is ready to revolutionize those who are willing to hear the message, and she’s pushing the illegality of the whole thing over just what’s supposed to be right. Hunter Parrish’s Douglas is the most manipulative character on this show, telling Patti that her father is right to think that he’s done his job by working and that his wife should do everything at home and then continuing to talk down to her about prioritizing her professional goals over his needs. We’ll see if episode three makes a compelling case for this show.

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