Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What I’m Watching: Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex: Season 4, Episode 9 “Night and Day” (B)

At the start of this episode, Nancy and Art were concerned about having to sign a nondisclosure agreement because they were going out on their own and opening a practice in New York City that would very much emulate the tactics they’d learned working with Bill and Virginia. The news that Nancy was pregnant got Art excited, no matter who the father was, and Nancy’s quickness to suggest an abortion didn’t leave much room for discussion. Those tapes really don’t do anyone any good, and Art having to listen to Nancy tell Barton that she knew the baby was Art’s and that it was precisely the reason that she was getting rid of it was heartbreaking. I can’t see how they’ll go forward together after this, and I wonder if Art will stay behind while Nancy ventures off to her bright independent future. Virginia’s father asking her to broach the subject of coming in for sexual counseling with her mother was beyond weird, and his unwillingness to acknowledge his extended affair suggested that a much deeper problem with his marriage. Bill and Virginia have come to a pretty incredible place of closeness, and it’s interesting to watch Bill take an active role in AA, tracking down Louise and helping her to get back on the wagon. Libby really has become a free spirit, and how fortuitously-timed her drive to upstate New York ended up being to truly allow her to let loose and embrace the wonder of the world in a way that is far from normative.