Monday, November 28, 2016

What I’m Watching: Goliath

Goliath: Season 1, Episode 6 “Line of Fire” (B+)

Billy is certainly unconventional in the way that he does things, but he’s also facing totally unsurmountable challenges in ensuring the safety of things related to his case and his own person. Nearly getting run over when he tried to confront the man who was tailing him was almost the best thing to happen to Billy during the whole hour, and opening his trunk after almost getting plowed by the tanker to find a dead body inside was not a great development. I was surprised that Donald was so eager to meet Billy in person, especially given his aversion to light and public appearances. You’d think that Billy would be the less mature and more vindictive one in the relationship, but Donald took that honor handily, taunting Billy just to be mean. Donald is losing patience for those he does call friends and colleagues, making a big show with Wendell to intimidate Lenny into submission and shouting down Michelle for daring to question his stewardship. Callie took an aggressive step by forcibly revealing her affair with Michelle to Denise, and that had to be partially motivated by Donald’s favoring and manipulation of Lucy in the case. Billy stopping by the judge’s home to fill him in on new evidence was bold but not unlike him, and hopefully that was enough to ensure that he won’t be totally screwed given everything else that happened in this episode. I appreciated the casting of Sarah Baker from “Louie” as Lilly, Ned’s ex, whereas Jason Ritter playing Agent Farley was a bit of a stranger choice.

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