Monday, November 21, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 3, Episode 6 “Shade” (B)

This was an interesting episode, though I don’t quite understand why those gifted by Alchemy with the powers that they had in an alternate timeline need to be destined to be bad. That’s particularly true of Caitlin, but in this episode it applied just as much to Wally, who at first was in pain and then was ready to take Iris out for getting in his way. Fortunately, though Iris doesn’t have powers, she was able to knock Wally out cold with one punch, buying enough time for him to come around to the idea of helping the team catch Alchemy and take him out. It doesn’t seem like Alchemy an enemy that can be quashed so easily, and whatever has been unleashed because of Wally’s disobedience and Barry’s intervention is sure to have reverberations (pun intended) that this show will feel for the foreseeable future. After Caitlin opened up to Cisco, he betrayed her trust and revealed her transformation to the team, something that will probably only further compel her powers to manifest in a villainous way, if we’re going with that assumption of how things work. What Cisco vibed in the future was very unsettling, and I hope we won’t be saying goodbye to Caitlin so fast. HR has only gotten more annoying, and his possession of technology he doesn’t understand that allows him to put on a new face to avoid detection just means that he’s going to be spending more time with the team, which is likely to get him punched in the face at the very least, probably by Joe or Cisco.

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