Monday, November 7, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 2 “The Well” (B-)

Leave it to this show to have an impossibly-anticipated premiere and then spend the entirety of the follow-up episode not showing a single one of the characters who survived the hour. That may help drive up ratings, but I don’t actually love this tactic, something invented by “Lost” that I know frustrates me and other viewers and doesn’t necessarily lead to better storytelling. With a character as magnetic as Negan at this show’s disposal, it’s hardly productive to take an entire hour to focus on a character as lackluster as Carol, who, after freaking out for the first two seasons of this show, became so hardened that she’s not remotely sympathetic anymore. King Ezekiel did seem like a ridiculous figure, and it made sense that Carol wouldn’t want to have to participate in the charade. But there is something incredible about this universe that he has created, one that seems so completely immune to the effects of the outside world with a full awareness of the danger that lies right outside their walls. Morgan accepted the serenity since he has always had a different outlook on life, and he continues to look for the best in the world by leaving messages with the mailbox indicator. Ezekiel stopping Carol as she was about to leave to reveal that it’s all an act and he knows that he’s absurd gave him some depth, and he seems to have found a solid form of submission to Negan’s people that could enable Morgan and Carol to be the saviors who ultimately free their friends from his rule.

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