Monday, November 14, 2016

What I’m Watching: Transparent

Transparent: Season 3, Episode 7 “Life Sucks and Then You Die” (B)

This was an intriguing episode centered on self-discovery, though missing two of the show’s most dynamic Emmy-nominated women, Gaby Hoffmann and Shelly Light, which is a particular shame since both Ali and Shelly are currently grappling with deeply concerning relationships that seem like they may be headed towards disaster. What we did get to see, which was rare, was a chance for Maura to lose it due to the extraordinarily inconsiderate and condescending attitude expressed by Bryna. We’ve seen so little of Bryna over the course of this show, and it’s clear that she harbors a deep resentment for what she views as her brother’s attention-seeking transformation. That coupled with Vicki’s recent lack of support for Maura’s surgery led to an explosive situation in which Maura lashed out at Bryna for diminishing her and Vicki for not understanding why change was so important even if Vicki thought she was perfect as is. In another moment of unexpected anger, Raquel, after conjuring Sarah up to encourage her in the bedroom, freaked out at Duvid for being too angelic and Sarah for hijacking the notion of spirituality for her own selfish purposes. Sarah has been in a better place recently thanks to the way she has chosen to experience Judaism, and that made Josh’s acceptance of a very different savior fascinating. I expect that Josh is going to want to try to stay with his son, something that evidently won’t work out as a permanent choice. Say what you will about every other character on this show, but Colton is an honest, good-natured soul, no matter what religion he’s preaching.

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