Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What I’m Watching: Rectify

Rectify: Season 4, Episode 4 “Go Ask Roger” (B+)

Often, when shows are nearing their end, there’s a sense that the characters’ stories are wrapping up. I’ve noted the slow pacing on this show, so there’s definitely no rush in tying up all the loose ends, but it’s clear that, at least back at home, things are changing. The sight of Teddy in a suit was jarring, and he was all business during the meeting with the man who wanted to buy out the store. Finding out that the shop might get bought for $650,000 and that they could sell the inventory separately makes this all very real, and the bigger question is what would unite the family if they weren’t engaged in this business together. I enjoyed Janet verbalizing her hatred of the expression “ran the numbers,” and she, unlike Teddy, did a great job keeping her cool during the initial meeting. Ted Sr. offering to come with Janet to visit Daniel is a kind move, and hopefully that visit will be therapeutic. Chloe’s influence on Daniel is hypnotic, and her telling him to “completely surrender to the gelato experience” was exactly the kind of positive experience he needs in his life. That made it all the more discouraging and disturbing to see Daniel regress to the existence he had in prison when he returned home to the sounds of his roommate masturbating in the bed next to him. Amantha’s hunting trip was full of intriguing and enlightening moments as always. Jon isn’t ready to let things go, and, this because the show that it is, that means that he’s going to continue witnessing and commenting on how those left behind are living as compared to what Daniel could be experiencing.

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