Thursday, November 17, 2016

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 5 “Crossfire” (B+)

Adjusting to life on Earth is not an easy task, and in this case, it was particularly entertaining. I enjoyed a number of Mon-El moments in this hour, starting with the alien eating a pile of pancakes like a sandwich. Talking about bribery coffee and reciting his social security number when introducing himself were innocent enough mistakes, but giving all his work to Eve and then using her “plastic rectangle” to buy a suit were far less forgivable offenses. His relationship with Kara is fun, and I enjoyed watching him come over to her while she was stuffing her face with appetizers. Operation Doubtfire was a great codename for Kara being in two places at once. All this silliness aside (protection? Like a sword?), there were some dramatic developments as alien weapons were used around National City, and some clarification about who is bad and who is good. Lena, who wants to be best friends with both Kara and Supergirl, is not only seemingly good but even wants to fight evil in an intellectual way, one that has enabled her to bond with Winn. Speaking of the newest DEO employee, he’s now going to be keeping secrets again to help James as he becomes a bona fide hero even though he doesn’t have powers. Alex navigating her relationship with Maggie is interesting, and it looks like romance is in her near future. We saw our big bad guy take down all of the henchmen who managed to get themselves caught with a remote-controlled aneurism of sorts, and then we got the big reveal of who she is: Lena’s mom. That’s not a huge shock, but it does help give her character some needed context.

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