Friday, November 11, 2016

What I’m Watching: Rectify

Rectify: Season 4, Episode 2 “Yolk” (B+)

I’ve written about how other shows, like “The Walking Dead,” are immensely frustrating because they don’t feature certain characters for entire episodes at a time. On this show, however, it works tremendously well, with an hour focused on the rest of the family after we saw only Daniel last week. I’ve always thought that this show had a great ensemble, and it’s an especially nice treat to see Abigail Spencer and Clayne Crawford, who have now taken on popular roles on new network shows – “Timeless” and “Lethal Weapon,” respectively – back in these great parts. The relationship between Amantha and Teddy has always been my favorite thing on this show, and I love that, after he gave her a ride back to her house, he proposed swapping living situations, which actually makes a lot of sense. Amantha talking to Ted Sr. and Teddy debriefing with Janet were nice moments, and their flapjack breakfast was a rare pleasant family moment. I also like that, on this show, Amantha getting into a car accident just meant a reality check and a late-night run-in with someone who knew her and then may or may not have been packing. Teddy has become a much nicer guy, and his date night at the restaurant with Tawney really showed a very kind side of him. Jared off camping in the rain and Jon trying to come back to pursue the case further were interesting subplots, and I’m much more intrigued by the news that Janet is going to go to Nashville since she really needs to see her son. Her breaking of the released suspect’s eggs was a small display of anger, but one that speaks volumes and is sure to haunt him.

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