Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 7, Episode 6 “The Defenestration of Frank” (B+)

It was easy enough for Frank to build a new family for himself, and he should have known that eventually it would come crumbling down because of his usual selfish and destructive tendencies. His actual family knew well that he was doing this, and hoarding all the money for himself as well as certain fancy pleasures got his homeless crew really angry at him, seemingly evicted from his own home. The next generation, to its credit, is doing a lot better in terms of creating some sense of stability. Though she got Lip angry and then said something that she surely already regrets, Fiona made a positive move to get an $80,000 loan and invest in a laundromat that feels like a sure thing. Lip’s enterprise was far less legitimate, and though it crashed and burned right away because of the shutdown of the system he was stealing from, it doesn’t appear that he got caught. He also was far more concerned with an exciting sexual discovery, one that seems not to come with too much in the way of necessary attachment. Ian had an undeniably traumatic day at work, and he seems to have found a great support system even if the sex won’t exactly work. Carl being concerned about hazing at military school appears like it won’t be a problem anymore thanks to his use of the same approach he took to jail, and I loved how he responded when he realized that Dom was once again lying to him and sleeping with someone else. I thought that Kev and Veronica were jumping to conclusions when they saw Svetlana’s father sleeping with someone, but it turns out that, as usual, Svetlana omitted an important piece of information that, inexplicably, has made her two new spouses incredibly jealous.

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