Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What I’m Watching: Divorce

Divorce: Season 1, Episode 7 “Weekend Plans” (B+)

We’re at an interesting point with the dynamic between these two characters as their lawyers take over and it doesn’t go exactly as planned. First, we know that Robert is beyond broke as we learn that he has an astonishing nine properties to his name, all of which are located in some area that one day, decades from now, may be up-and-coming and worth something. Frances is responsible for that debt, which means that all the money she’s earned that Robert could try to take in the divorce won’t mean much since has absolutely nothing to offer and in fact something to take. Max’s mini-stroke seems like sincere cause for concern, and assuring Frances that he put on a show during their initial meeting wasn’t too comforting when he immediately opened the door to a break room instead of the exit to the elevator bank. If nothing else, Max’s behavior did tame Tony, who saved his vicious, chauvinistic language for private meetings with a totally clueless Robert. I enjoyed the casting of Mary McCormack as Kathy, the woman Robert almost slept with on September 11th who was not at all amused by his efforts to renew their would-be affair now that he’s single. Robert lashed out at the barista who had always flirted him once he found out that she had a boyfriend, quite the double standard given the fact that he was married the whole time. Best of all, when Robert heard someone else use his “weekend plans” line, he knew he would score, and it seems like he’s a tiny bit more invested in this one-night middle-of-the-afternoon stand he had with Gillian Vigman’s Janice.

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