Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 1, Episode 7 “Real as F**k” (B+)

Issa has gotten to a point where it’s no longer a real question about how successful she’ll be in her job, as evidenced by her terrific event and Joanne asking her where she’d be in a year and assuring her that this is the person she’s wanted to see all along. Though she made a quick comment about it, she didn’t even have to be worried about the kids stealing anything in the fancy house that most of her work colleagues couldn’t believe actually belonged to a black person. Instead, it was her personal life that imploded like crazy just at that one event. Lawrence did a spectacular job in his interview, netting a job offer on the spot, and it’s great to see him bounce back from the monotony of Best Buy to do something that actually excites him. But Issa wasn’t even up for entertaining the idea of him trying to make a go at his app, and then, after he met Daniel at the event, exploded at Issa when she didn’t deny sleeping with him. He wasn’t violent with her, but his reaction certainly was violent. And Issa is going to be hurting bad because she also offended Molly by pointing out that she always looks for something to be wrong with the men she dates, leading to imperfections ruining great possibilities. Getting turned away by Jered was a harsh end to her day, and I do hope that in the season finale they’ll at least be able to make peace since the prospects for both of them at the moment are looking quite grim.

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