Sunday, November 6, 2016

What I’m Watching: Narcos

Narcos: Season 2, Episode 9 “Nuestra Finca” (B+)

What we have here is the definition of a penultimate episode, one that shows that things are winding down without downplaying the excitement. This wasn’t an action-oriented episode at all, instead one that quietly moved forward its many working parts in the very effective style patented by this show. Pablo showing up at his father’s home demonstrated that he really has nowhere else to go, and the next shot of him with a full beard looking especially lonely was very effective at conveying how far he’s fallen. It’s interesting to see Limon very calmly praise the serenity of the situation, eternally loyal to the boss, even to the point of taking back the money he gave to his girlfriend and then shooting her when she essentially dared him to. He never seemed as devoted to the cause as the likes of Gacha and La Quica, but he’s the last one standing. Pablo’s attempts to contact Tata as well as her mirror efforts to contact him show how their love is enduring while the tenability of the situation is anything but, especially considering the fact that the DEA is monitoring the frequency that they’re transmitting on. Once again, Pablo’s unwillingness to fade into obscurity and be cast out from his home are going to be his downfall. I expected Berna to turn on Judy in some way, but I thought for sure that he was going to have her killed rather than make a deal with Eric Lange’s shifty CIA station chief to make sure that his agency was protected while Javier got thrown under the bus. All this should lead to an eventful and satisfying finale.

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